By BOSSS Media | November 25, 2022

BISHOP OKOYE SPIRITAN SECONDARY SCHOOL, BOSSS, on the 16th of October, 2022, gave out a lot of awards and recognitions to her students who performed exceptionally well in the recently concluded third term exam for the 2021/2022 academic session.

During his speech, the Principal, Rev. Fr. Jude Ekemgba, C.S.Sp, commended the students for their academic achievements and urged them not to give up. He went on to challenge the other students, particularly those in SS3, that he will give anyone who got 9A's in WAEC a sum of one hundred thousand, (N100, 000) and the cash equivalent of a session's scholarship. He informed the students that BOSSS is known for rewarding hard work and efforts made by her students, and he encouraged those who did not receive an award to put in more effort so that they would receive an award in the new academic year.

Similarly, Mr. Henry Ijeh, the PTA Chairman, congratulated the awardees and urged the other students to use their time wisely, as the school is ready to reward any positive efforts they make in their academic pursuits. He also announced a cash prize of one hundred thousand Naira (N100,000) for any student who achieves nine distinctions in the upcoming WAEC exam.

On the same day, Rev. Fr. Vincent Ibeh, C.S.Sp, vice principal II, congratulated the student who won third place in the national level of the British partner School Competition 2022; Your World Competition. He expressed hope that the students' next trip will take them beyond the national level and into the international level. He was also pleased with the calibre of students BOSSS is developing, students who can confidently represent themselves anywhere without hesitation.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Vice Principal I, Rev. Fr. Johnpaul Edoziem, C.S.Sp who moderated the events, thanked the students who received awards for making BOSSS proud and promised them greater gifts in the next award. He urged the other students to work harder than they had in the past to improve their academic records. He challenged the students to break all BOSSS academic records set by their predecessors by making a higher grade this time around.

In his vote of thanks, Rev. Fr. Johnpaul expressed his gratitude to the PTA chairman and his team for honouring the invitation to the award ceremony, which he described as a first of its kind and a significant step forward for BOSSS. Additionally, he acknowledged the teachers and students who attended the event and told the students that there will be more competitions in the future and that BOSSS would be competing in each of them to win gold.

It is no secret that BOSSS has a soft spot for academic brilliance, as she constantly recognizes and celebrates her students who have etched their names in the shifting sands of time with academic laurels. Among the awards categories given to the students were: • 3 best in each arm • Overall best in each class • 2nd overall best in each class • 3rd overall best in each class • Best improved student • The overall best in the school • Dean and principal’s list • Student who got 11A's in the BECE exam • Student who participated in the British Partner Competition.

The gifts offered to students were scholarships, Plaques, Billboards with student photographs erected in the school hall of fame, writing materials, school bags, smart watches, and many other prizes.